Maintaining and enhancing the diversity of pollinating insects on farms, in natural area, parks, and gardens is necessary for stable ecological systems and food production. IPM practices that reduce the use of unnecessary pesticides are an important component of conservation efforts.

Pollinator and Monarch Conservation Impact Stories


National Monarch Resources


Monarch Alert
Project Monarch Alert is a citizen-based research project backed by graduate student researchers and faculty from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo focuses on the demography and population fluctuations.


Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium
Iowa State University.The consortium is a group of state ran organizations that collaborate to improve monarch habitat restoration to help breeding populations of monarchs in Iowa.

Tallgrass Praire Center
Center that helps restore grassland to help boost monarch and other insect populations. Tallgrass Prarie center's monarach butterfly project was stated 18 years ago.

Monarch Research Project
Group that develops Monarch zones to help boost monarch populations.

Milkweed Matters
Project to increase the number of milkweed in Iowa by planting milkweed throughout Iowa

Monarchs in Eastern Iowa
Blog that focuses on conservation news and projects in Iowa

Monarch Butterfly Festival 
Dickinson County Nature Center's annual Festival in late summer


Illinois DNR--Monarch Mania!
General Information about Monarch Butterflies, facts, projects, and how to help

Neoga High School--Winged Biodiversifiers
High school group in 2014 that focused on Monarch butterfly conservation

"University of Illinois Springfield--"Where did they go"--Robert Loerzel
Article highlighting declining Monarch populations

University of Illinois Chicago--Energy Resource Center--Pollinator Habitat
Energy Resouce Center based out of University of Illinois-Chicago focuses on determining priority areas for monarch conservation.

Journey North--Milkweed for Monarchs--Save Our Monarchs
Project calling on gardeners and other citzens to help monitor monarch migration patterns. Also focuses on promoting conservation efforts and how to improving habitat.

University of Illinois Extension--Planting milkweed for Monarchs--Sandra Mason
Article explaining how planting milkweed helps Monarchs


The Nature Conervancy
Conservation group based out of Indiana with a main focus of conserving habitat not just for monarchs but for all wildlife. Their monarch focus involves educating the public about conservation efforts.

USDA--Indiana Natural Conservation Service
PDF highlighting Monarchs habitats and how to help Monarch populations

Indiana Public Media 
Article describing that people are planting milkweed to help boost monarch butterfly populations

Indiana Wildlife Federation
Detailing threats to monarchs and how to conserve them

Independent Butterfly Conservation News
News feed with articles about Monarch butterfly conservation


Monarch Watch
Research program based at University of KS focuses on monarch habitat and migration. Also gives out free milkweed seeds to people trying to provide habitat for monarch eggs and catipillars.

Toledo Zoo Monarch Conservation
Toledo Zoo's page for conservation of Monarch, Mitchell's Satyr, and Karner Blur Butterfly conservation

Monarch Habitat Grant--Kansas City Metropolitian 
The Burroughs Audubon grant funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation that creates Monarch habitat in the Kansas City area. The grant also focuses on education.


Michigan Wildlife Council
Michigan Wildlife Council helps conserve various species and environments throughout Michigan including Monarch populations by encouraging citizens to help restore habitats by planting milkweed.

Michigan Native Butterfly Farm
Butterfly farm that releases butterflies for various events also participates in multiple conservation efforts for monarchs across MI

Leslie Science and Nature Center--Monarch Migration Festival
Monarch Migration Festival Sept. 18,2016 in Ann Arbor


Monarch Joint Venture
Facebook Group for Monarch Joint Venture--partnership of federal and state agencies, private groups, and academic programs to protect migration routes

Monarch Joint Venture
Monarch Joint Venture--partnership of federal and state agencies, private groups, and academic programs to protect monarch migration routes. Funds various workshops, nature centers, and academic studies.

Minneapolis Monarch Festival
Festival that marks the start of the Monarchs migration to Mexico

The University of Minnesota Monarch Lab
Program that aims to educate students about Monarchs and how to study them. The Monarch Lab is also a partner of the Monarch Joint Venture and have several projects helping monarch populations.

Save Our Monarchs
Group of gardeners working to boost Monarch populations by planting milkweed for monarch catipillars. This group also provides small amounts of free milkweed seeds to anyone looking to start their own monarch habitat.

Minnesota Zoo Prarrie Butterfly Conservation
Program from the Minnesota Zoo that is tracking monarch migration as well as other rare butterflies


US Fish and Wildlife Service--Monarch Butterfly Conservation
Monarch Butterfly Conservation Webinar Series (~12 hours total)

2015 Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund Grant Slate--National Fish & Wildlife Fnd.
PDF of Grant funding for projects across the nation including IL, IA, MO, KS, MI. Funding is given to organizations that focus on habitat restoration and supplying milkweed seeds.

USDA Information on Monararch Butterflies
Information on Monarch Butterflies

Save the Monarch Butterfly USFWS
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service project for conserving monarchs via various projects throughout the country. In the North Central region that includes habitat restoration on private an public lands and more.

North American Butterfly Association
Not-for-Profit organization focused on conserving various butterfly species across North America by increasing suitable butterly habitat.

National Butterfly Center
Program from the North American Butterfly Association focused on expanding education of the importance of butterflies in the environment and encourages the public build butterfly habitats.

Monarch Conservation Fund
Fund started by National Fish and Wildlife to fund projects that involve habitiat restoration and milkweed seed distribution. Also coordinates organizations so that everyone uses the most efficient practices.


University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee--State of the Monarch
Information regarding Monarch Butterflies and conservation