Every year invasive species disrupt successful IPM programs and threaten our food supply, natural areas, homes and gardens. Re-emerging pests can also become a problem with changes in climate, pest management practices and pest species genetics. 

Pest Alerts
To support the national invasive species outreach efforts, the North Central IPM Center will take the lead on developing Pest Alerts. This will include soliciting authors, designing, publishing and distributing Pest Alerts online and in print. These short publications provide information on pest identification, their biology, and potential ways to manage the pest with IPM tactics.

Invasive Species Response Kits
The Regional IPM Centers will develop a virtual kit to help specialists and working groups, across the country, track invasive species. The kit will include instructions on how to track the locations and movement of pests, identifying the area's specialist(s), how to develop outreach materials, building websites and communicating strategies and impacts. The Regional IPM Centers provide assistance to invasive trackers through technological support, publishing and the dispersal of outreach materials.