Previous Working Group Projects (2019)

To learn about the details of our Working Group grant opportunities, and how to apply, click here. All North Central IPM Center Working Groups strive to produce outputs that benefit many stakeholders, from farmers to scientists. Below is a list of our projects from the last funding cycle, and several of their projects' outputs.

Multi-state Extension Resource for Field Crops Extension (Crop Protection Network)

  • Certified Crop Advisor Continuing Education Credit Exams
  • Disease Loss Estimate Calculator
  • Research Updates Publications: "Pesticide Impact on White Mold (Sclerotinia Stem Rot) and Soybean Yield" & "Seed Treatment and Foliar Fungicide Impact on Sudden Death Syndrome and Soybean Yield"
  • Webinar: "Seedling Disease of Soybean and Using Seed Treatments to Reduce Losses"

Great Lakes Urban Agriculture


Great Lakes Agriculture and Wildlife Coexistence

Great Lakes Vegetable

Midwest Grows Green (MGG) Lawn and Land Forum

  • Developed online lawn and turf management toolkit
  • Hosted two webinars: "Benefits of IPM" & "Building Capacity"
  • Held two "mini" organic parks workshops workshops in Lisle, IL & East Grand Rapids, MI 
  • Formally worked in four new communities in 2019: Minneapolis, MN, Grand Rapids & East Grand Rapids, MI & Lisle, IL & and added a total of 12 new pesticide-free parks 

Great Lakes Hops

  • Hop production tour in Ontario, Canada
  • Added several modules to online hops course: "Beneficials," "Pesticide considerations," "Downy mildew deep dive" and "Powdery mildew deep dive." 

IPM4Bees Midwest

  • 2019 Entomological Society of America symposium: Monitoring, Mitigation, and Miticide: What IPM Strategies Improve Honey Bee and Native Bee Health?
  • Two-day workshop at Iowa State University
  • Extension Videos


Midwest Fruits 



Public Gardens as Sentinels Against Invasive Plants

  • Featured in the Journal of the American Public Gardens Association

Pulse Crops

Sunflower Pathology

  • NSA Magazine articles published in two issues of the Sunflower Magazine
  • Published two CABI data sheets 

Public Tick IPM

Midwest Fruit Working Group