The North Central IPM Center supports a variety of projects, including working groups and critical issue projects through grant opportunities to collaborative efforts that produce publications. 


Center Grants

The Center administers regional grants programs, publicizes other funding opportunities for Integrated Pest Management and helps set regional priorities that ensure funded projects will address the needs of the North Central Region. These needs can best be illustrated in the priorities addressed in NCIPMC’s signature programs.


Working Group Grants

The Center is allotted annual funds to go towards proposals for Working Groups that support the NCIPMC and regional IPM priorities. Working Groups are to support collaboration among diverse groups to collaboratively address a regional IPM priority. Multi-state/tribal nation Working Groups address information, resource and research needs in region-wide or broad areas to enhance communication and collaborations for the IPM topic area addressed by the Working Group. A Working Group could also coordinate efforts to develop proposals for additional funding to address critical issues within the North Central region.


Critical Issues Grants

In addition to funds for Working Groups, the Center also allots funds for Critical Issue Proposals that support the NCIPMC and regional IPM priorities. Competitive proposals are solicited for critical issues that address information, resource, and research needs with regional importance to minor crops, major crops, non-crop areas, IPM metrics and/or impact assessments, urban IPM, forestry, cropping systems, resistance management, advanced genetic tools and IPM, School IPM, Tribal IPM and other issues. The program is designed to provide one-time seed funding to help initiate work requiring immediate attention until other longer-term resources can be secured to address the issue.


Pest Alerts

Pest Alerts are a signature program of the North Central IPM Center to help support initiatives to track, report and manage invasive pests. To view a list of all developed pest alerts, please click the link above.


Signature Programs

NCIPMC Signature Programs are based on regional and national priorities supporting sustainability, food security and human health. Through leadership of Signature Programs, the NCIPMC will foster development and adoption of IPM within each focus area. In the North Central region, focus areas are those that pose the greatest threats to and opportunities to promote Integrated Pest Management.