The North Central IPM Center releases 2020 Stakeholder Priorities

East Lansing, Michigan — The North Central IPM Center has released its stakeholder priorities for the year 2020. This year’s list encompasses five priorities, based upon the Center’s established Signature Programs and input from regional stakeholders. 

This year, five priorities were established based on concerns from stakeholders in the region, ranging from but not limited to: producers, extension specialists, industry members, public health representatives, communications specialists and specialty crop and large commodity crop representatives. They are:

  • To increase knowledge and resources in invasive species management, while prioritizing emerging and re-emerging pests throughout the nation.

  • To increase and improve outreach and resources to slow the development of pest resistance in the region.

  • To expand resources for the protection of pollinators and monarch butterflies, and advocate for the adoption of pollinator-oriented conservation strategies in the region.

  • To improve and advocate for advanced technologies that address IPM issues.

  • To identify and expand audiences and points of innovation throughout all levels of IPM.

The North Central IPM Center’s priorities undergo an annual review from regional and national stakeholders. The continued evaluation of these priorities allows the Center to remain dedicated to prioritizing and supporting the needs of the North Central IPM community.


North Central IPM Center