Stakeholder Priorities

The North Central IPM Center's priorities are identified through broad, regional stakeholder input. These priorities are based off of the Center's Signature Programs, which represent the focus areas that the Center will focus on throughout every funding cycle. These priorities undergo an annual review from regional and national stakeholders. The continued evaluation of these priorities allows the Center to remain dedicated to prioritizing and supporting the needs of the North Central IPM community.


Center's Priorities

  • Fund research, training, and technical assistance to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to IPM research, extension and teaching in the North Central Region. 
  • Ensure that students majoring in IPM and related fields are invited and able to attend education IPM events and networking opportunities. 
  • Increase knowledge of IPM practices in youth (K-12) 
  • Support and promote IPM practices that:
    • Improve crop system sustainability by increasing farm profitability and reducing environmental impact using IPM practices
    • Rapidly identify and manage invasive re-emerging, or resistant insect pests, pathogens  and weeds to minimize their impacts. 
    • Address changes in climate and weather and their impacts on plant health, insect pests, pathogens, weed and mammal pests. 
    • Conserve pollinators, biological control agents and other non-target insects in managed and unmanaged areas
    • Improve public and animal health by minimizing the impact of insect-vectored diseases and household pests and reducing the exposure to unnecessary pesticides.
    • Improve human health by ensuring safe and reliable food sources.
  • Increase use of IPM at a regional or national scale through robust state, regional, national and international partnerships and infrastructure